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Imagine a lady who suspects that her once upon a time darling is now cheating on her. What could she do? Suspicion implies she does not yet have sufficient evidence. If the husband happens to leave his phone lying around in the house, may be to go and do some gardening or to see off a friend, she may decide to take a peek at his cell phone to find out who has been calling him or who he has been calling. She may also use a cell phone bill to get a list of numbers from there. Armed with this information she may rush to one of the free reverse lookup services to find out the owners of those numbers. To her dismay, her project may not yield the results she was expecting. Why? The reality of the matter is that some numbers are not listed in free lookup directories for various reasons. Some landline phone numbers are not listed and cell phone numbers are not generally listed in such databases as they are not freely available to the public. Due to the nature of secret affairs, most calls would have been made to cell phone numbers. This is especially so during the initial stages of illicit affairs. It would therefore be futile to hop from one reverse phone lookup service to another expecting different results.

Which Reverse Phone Lookup Service Should You Go For?

It may be possible to find one or two free reverse phone directories with databases that purport to contain cell phone numbers, but some of them may be using dubious means to get the numbers. The information obtained is also not comprehensive. I only know of one organization that specializes in reverse cell phone lookups for a small fee. It is thorough. Its databases contain many records covering the US. One other reason I like the organization is that it does not ask you to pay up front for the service. You enter the phone number whose owner you want and tell the system to search. If it finds the address, it will say so. Sometimes it will show you a map and ask you if you would like to retrieve the information. Then and only then are you supposed to pay. If it does not find the address there is nothing to pay. It is a fair deal.

They seem to have it well thought out. Supposing you had a list of ten (10) numbers to search for, it may seem unfair to ask you to pay 10 times. They therefore introduced a single membership arrangement where you pay once for an unlimited number of searches in a year. You can also help your friends out without incurring any extra cost. You can test the service here by typing any number. Obviously if you are only testing, do not request to retrieve the information to avoid being charged

The service will provide you with the fullname, latest address, family members at that address, location map, etc.. It gives you much more than most other services which mostly give you only the persons name and address. The bottom line: the quality of results you get when you search cell phone number directories is determined by the service provider that you choose. With 100% results guaranteed before you pay, we definitely recommend this service.